Our Minister

  • Date:2018-03-08
  • Department:Department of Personnel

Name:Chiu, Kuo-cheng 

Educations Date
ROC Military Academy  Class 1976
Army Command & Staff College, ROC NDU  Class 1989
War College, ROC NDU  Class 1995
US Army War College  Class 1999


Experiences Date
Commander, Army 373 Armor Infantry Brigade, ROC Army  2000-2002
Director, Division of Operations, ROC Army Command Headquarters  2002-2005
Deputy commander, the 6th Army Group, ROC Army  2005.12-2006.10
Deputy Director of Operations, General Staff Headquarters, MND 2006.11-2009.6
Commander, the 6th Army Group, ROC Army 2009.7-2011.4
Commander, Reserve Command, MND  2001.05-2002.08
President, ROC National Defense University  2012.9-2014.7
Armaments Deputy Minister, MND  2014.8-2015.1
Chief of the Army, Army Command Headquarters, ROC Army  2015.1-2016.11
Chief of the General Staff, MND  2016.12-2017.4



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