Our Minister

  • Date:2019-08-16
  • Department:Department of Personnel


                                                                                                                    NameFeng, Shih-Kuan 

Air Force Preparatory School (Class of 1963)
Air Force Academy (Class of 1967)
University of Southern California - Flight Safety Courses (Class of 1977)
Air Force Command & Staff College, Tri-Service University (Class of 1981)
War College, Tri-Service University (Class of 1987)


Air Attaché stationed in Saudi Arabia
Air Attaché stationed in the U.S.
Captain, the 443rd Tactical Fighter Wing, Air Force
Director-general, Bureau of Intelligence, Air Force Headquarters
Director of Intelligence, General Staff Headquarters, MND
Commander, Lieutenant General, Air Force Combat Command
Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Lieutenant General, Air Force Headquarters
Deputy Chief, General, the General Staff Headquarters, MND
Chairman of the Aerospace Industrial Development Corp
Minister of National Defense, ROC
National Policy Advisors to the President
Chairman, Institute for National Defense & Security Research
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