Organizational Structure

  • Date:2020-12-01
  • Department:Department of Planning

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  The General Headquarter of VAC has Minister, assisted by 3 Deputy Ministers (2 political appointees, 1 standing), is in charge of all council affairs. There are 9 to 13 Committee Members, appointed or employed by Prime Minister, and also one Secretary-General ; VAC has 7 core-business departments, including Department of Planning, Department of Veterans Service and Assistance, Department of Homecare and Nursing Care, Department of Education and Employment Assistance, Department of Healthcare and Medical Care, Department of Business Management, and Department of Retirement Payment; In addition, there are 5 auxiliary departments, including Department of Administrative Management, Department of Personnel, Department of Civil Service Ethics, Department of Accounting, and Department of Statistics and Information. VAC also has task groups such as Legal Affairs Committee, Placement Fund Committee, and Medical Fund Committee.

2. Affiliated Agencies:
  (1) Third-level agencies: 4 medical institutions (Veterans General Hospital).
  (2) Fourth-level agencies: 19 service organizations (Veterans Service Office), 16 nursing organizations (Veterans Home), 1 training organization (Vocational Training Center), 12 medical institutions (Veterans Hospital), 5 agricultural organizations (Veterans Farm), and 1 engineering organization (RSEA Engineering Corporation).

3. Solid lines indicate chain of command; Dotted lines indicate oversight of responsibilities.

Responsibilities and functions:
1. Comprehensive planning for Veterans assistance.
2. Service, care, and relieving for veterans.
3. Homecare, nursing care, and benefits for veterans.
4. Education & employment assistance, vocational training for veterans.
5. Healthcare, medical care, and long-term care for veterans.
6. Retirement payment for veterans.
7. Supervision, coordination, and promotion for affiliated organizations.
8. Other matters relating to veterans service and assistance.

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