Summary on Achievements of Gender Equality Policy , Veterans Affairs Council, 2020

  • Date:2022-06-22
  • Department:Department of Personnel

Summary on Achievements of Gender Equality Policy , Veterans Affairs Council, 2020

1. VAC supports the elderly to participate in society actively, promotes the concept of taking care of oneself in daily life, postpones aging, prevents disability, and reduces the burden of female caregivers. The relevant measures are described as follows:

(1) Connecting with social resources, VAC organizes activities suitable for the elders and motivates residents in Veterans Homes to participate in such activities. There were an average amount of 416 sessions, 9,676 participants per month, and an average participation rate of 90% in 2020.

(2) In 2020, to control the spreading of the Covid-19 and to strengthen prevention education, with the resources of the Veterans Hospitals and the medical staff of the Veterans Homes, an average of 759 participants per month have taken the education, with the participation rate of 93.5%.

(3)The Veterans Hospitals at all levels offer assistance measures for the weak and risky elders in the communities while establish comprehensive service evaluation. In 2020, 2,896 people were served, including 900 males (31.1%) and 1,996 females (68.9%).

(4)The case managers at all levels of the Veterans Hospitals will conduct comprehensive service evaluations for the newly diagnosed cases in the Integrative Geriatric Medicine Clinic to formulate all-around caring plans for the patients based on the detailed results. In 2020, 66.55% of the newly diagnosed patients in the Integrative Geriatric Medicine Clinics were provided with comprehensive service evaluation.

(5)Veterans Hospitals at all levels provide integrated and continuous health care and outpatient services. Meanwhile, combined with the Veterans Service Office and Veterans Home, a variety of services, including making phone calls to the elders, outreach visiting, health education, and referral assistance, can be offered to avoid readmitted by clinics or duplicate medication. In 2020, a total of 3,412 outreach visits were conducted.

2. To effectively protect veterans’ rights to education, employment, medical services, nursing, and care, the government promotes related education plans and promotional activities each year through diverse channels. From 2016 to 2020, 140 seminars were held for 9,351 participants. From 2016 to 2020, 40,449 veterans found jobs through the employment assistance program, with the figure for 2020 showing an increase of 4,775 jobs (86 percent) compared to that of 2016.


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