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Veterans Affairs Council, Global Information Service Network (, Privacy Policy:

VAC Global Information Network website absolutely respects your personal privacy, and is committed to protecting it. To understand how the VAC Global Information Network protects your online rights, please read the following information carefully.

  1. Wheres the personal information collected?
  2. How is the personal information used?
  3. How are cookies used?
  4. How does this site share personal information with third parties?
  5. How is e-mail or information sent?
  6. Self-protection measures.

1. Where's the personal information collected?

Users' personal information is collected from the various services provided from this website:

Application cases:

Name, ID card number, phone numbers, e-mail address, and mailing address, etc. information that you provided during application cases.

Online activities:

When you participate in an online activity, this website will ask you, as needed, to provide your name, ID card number, phone, e-mail and mailing address, etc. information.


The name, ID card number, phone, e-mail and mailing address, etc, information that you provided while you leave comments

Internet reported cases:

The name, ID card number, phone, e-mail and mailing address, etc. information that you provided when you use internet to report cases

In addition to the above-mentioned cases, this website will save the relevant records that are automatically provided by the server when you are browsing or making inquiries, including your IP location, time, and online contact, etc. records.


2. How is the personal information used?

The personal information you entered

The name and ID card number, etc. information collected is only used as reference for policy plans or souvenir sending. Phone numbers and addresses are used for notification, contact, and analysis. Other information is only used for policy analysis or academic use. This website emphasizes that all information is only used for information analysis or contact, and this website will not use your personal information for other use without your approval.


All information, not provided by you, such as user IP address, time, browser type or version, browsed and selected information, etc. recorded information, will only be used for overall users' behavior analysis, it will not be analyzed focusing on individual user.


3. How are cookies used?

Generally speaking, "cookies"are small bits of information that have been written onto a user's hard drive through a browser by a server. Its' content can only be used by the server to save client's "activities". The server can go through the "cookies" records to make more friendly customized service, therefore, when a user visits the website again, only the user name or e-mail is required to be entered, and then the "cookies" will send all the previous activity records of this user to the server as a reference.

If you don't wish to show your browsing activities to this website, you can adjust the cookies acceptance level of the browser under IE's "Internet options", "security" or Netscape's "Function settings" "advanced", including "accept all cookies", "notify when cookies are saved", "refuse all cookies".

In order to analyze browsing mode, count the browser amount, to understand each VAC webpage's browsing condition, and create a reference to improve our service, this website will write and read cookies in the browser that you use under this website's policy principle.


4. How does this website share personal information with third parties?

This website will share your personal information with a third party in accordance with special conditions under this policy principle:

Based on the agreement with the requirement of internet crime or public safety inspection, when VAC or other jurisdiction units require this website to release specific personal information, this website will make it possible to meet the formal judiciary legal procedures, and the consideration for the overall users' personal information privacy protection. This website emphasizes again, your personal information will not be sold, leased, or exchanged with other groups or individuals without your expressed permission.


5. How is e-mail or information sent?

This website will send e-mails with relevant process conditions or the required information to you, after receiving your requirement or approval.


6. Self-protection measures

Please properly keep your password and any other personal information. Do not provide any personal information to anybody, especially your password. After you receive or send e-mails, please make sure you sign-out. If you share a computer with others or use public computers, please make sure that you turn off your browser window to keep unauthorized persons from reading your e-mail or other personal information.

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