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  • Date:2023-06-02
  • Department:Department of Veterans Service and Assistance

At present, those to be served by the VAC are about 340,300 veterans and more than 691,325 veteran dependents; a total of 1,031,625 people living in Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matzu.

  1. Veterans' service institutes
    In order to practice our motto: Wherever veterans are, our services reach, the VAC sets up 19 Service Offices around the country. They coordinate with veterans homes, veterans hospitals, the VAC Training Center, and the VAC GHQ, to implement the VAC service policies on veterans' education assistance, employment assistance, medical care, and home care.
    Under these veterans service offices, veterans with loving hearts are contracted as service officers in some 403 service areas to provide first-line service.
    Among the 403 some service areas, VAC also sets up more than one hundren service points at places where veterans and their dependents tend to visit, so that fewer veterans will be beyond our services.
  2. Service care overview
    1. Establish service locations
    2. Visit veterans to know their demands
    3. The VAC and the local veterans service departments periodically hold problem-finding-shooting meetings with veterans in various counties and cities, so that veterans' individual, as well as general, needs can be addressed and taken care of.
  3. Face to face communication
    Each local veterans service department is required by VAC to list veterans (and their dependents) into "In special need", "Need more attention", and "In general need" services. Service officers are then organized and dispatched to make visits on these veterans at different time-intervals.
  4. Relief of major difficulties
    Relief for unexpected difficulties, such as finance, accidents, and even death, is one of the major services by the service departments.

Following services are also among the general services:

  1. Advocations of benefits and mediation of disputes.
  2. Volunteer assistance service.
  3. Life counselling and assistance for veterans foreign and Chinese spouse and care.
  4. Assistance in funeral matters.
  5. Assistance in inheritance management.
  6. Supervising operation of Veterans and Dependents Foundation concerning the scholarship awarding and post-disaster subsidies.
  7. Household representative card for dependents of deceased veterans.
  8. Education subsidies for offspring of veterans.

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