Educational Assistance

  • Date:2024-07-11
  • Department:Department of Education and Employment Assistance

The main purpose of educational assistance is to help veterans interested in finding alternative employment to undergo further studies to improve their skills, strengthen their competitive advantages, and enrich the nation's human resources. 

Because the veterans served long years in the military, they are relatively lacking in the necessary skills for civilian industries, which will lead to difficulty of finding employment after retirement.
In view of this, the government has explicitly guaranteed the education privileges of veterans in the Constitution (amended provisions), the Provisional Regulations for the Promotion of a Volunteer Military Force, the Draft Act, the University Act, and the ROC Veterans Assistance Act, stating that the VAC has established the "Regulations Governing the Higher Education Subsidies and Awards for ROC Retired Servicemen" and the "Regulations Governing the Education Living Allowance for Retired Volunteer Servicemen" in accordance with the aforementioned statutes, in order to actively provide veterans with education assistance.

Based on the related laws, veterans are entitled to the following privileges: 

  1. Bonus points in entrance exams for senior high school or higher.
  2. College admittance through the VAC's recommendation.
  3. University admittance through the VAC's recommendation.
  4. Scholarships, subsidies, and student living allowances for veterans receiving education.
  5. Subsidies for credit tuition at colleges.
  6. Subsidies for cram school courses for national examinations.
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  • Update:2024-07-11
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