Legendary ROC Air Force hero John Angle Chu celebrates 100th birthday

  • Date:2022-04-15
  • Department:Department of Veterans Service and Assistance



WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 13, 2022) – Legendary ROC Air Force Pilot Captain John Angle Chu celebrated his 100th birthday on April 4, 2022. Chu was joined in celebration by director of TECRO’s Veterans Affairs Division Julio Ni, director-general of TECO in San Francisco Scott Lai, Air Force Attaché Lieutenant Colonel Wu, the ROC Air Force Association in North California and Taiwanese American community leaders in the Bay Area.


Chu was born in Oakland, California, as a second-generation Chinese immigrant. In 1939, he volunteered to go to China and fight against the Imperial Japanese invaders. With the help of oversea Chinese communities, Chu made his way through Hawaii to Kunming to join the ROC Air Force Academy as the youngest pilot of the 11th class. He fought in many air combats from 1941 to 1945. During the Chinese Civil War, he was shot down and captured by the Chinese Communist Party. After his release, he applied for discharge in order to go back to the United States, but he only received the certificate “Duty Suspended,” meaning he is technically still considered active, so he is also nicknamed “the Forever Captain”


In 1999, Chu was received by President Bill Clinton to recognize the contributions made by Chinese Americans during World War II. Chu said he was willing to sacrifice the primes of his life for his mother nation and the hope of world peace: “I am flying for freedom.”

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