Employment Assistance

  • Date:2024-06-11
  • Department:Department of Education and Employment Assistance

The VAC assists veterans and their dependents with employment opportunities so as to enable them to have a stable family life, and also help the economy and the safety of the country.

  The VAC offers two types of employment assistance: "Employment within VAC" and "Employment through VAC's recommendation".

  1.  Employment within VAC
    In addition to helping veterans in taking examinations for civil service positions within the VAC, the productive ventures established by VAC and firms receiving investment from the VAC also offer employment opportunities for veterans and their dependents, based on their qualifications and skills.
  2.  Employment through VAC's Recommendation
    To increase the employment opportunities for veterans and their dependents, the VAC also coordinates with organizations outside the VAC's jurisdiction;
    Because positions within the VAC's departments are limited, employment through the VAC's recommendation has been the primary method for VAC's employment assistance for veterans and their dependents in recent years.
  3. To assist veterans with employment opportunities in civil service, the VAC also entrusts the Examination Yuan to hold the following special exams:  
    1. Civil Service Special Exam for Veterans.
    2. ​Civil Service Special Exam for Retired Colonels and Higher Ranking Officers.

In accordance with the Provisional Regulations for the Promotion of a Volunteer Military Force, in order to provide employment assistance, the VAC has established the "Incentives for Non-governmental Organizations and Private Schools Employing Veteran Volunteer Servicemen" and the "Regulations for Subsidies for Entrepreneurship Loans for Veteran Volunteer Servicemen",
in order to increase opportunities for veterans to gain employment or start businesses, thus increasing the incentives to become a volunteer serviceman.

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