Is there any assistance or service for veteran families after a veteran has passed away?

  • Date:2016-06-29
  • Department:Department of Homecare and Nursing Care
  1. After a veteran has passed away, if he was receiving a pension, his spouse can apply to receive half the amount of the pension from the Reserve Command in the city of their household registration.
  2. If, in the future, their survivors come upon financial difficulty, they can apply for emergency financial assistance from their county (city) veterans service department. Depending on the survivors' financial status, the Veterans Service Department will provide financial aid on the three major festivals, and assist them in applying for "middle or low income household" assistance from the local county (city) government.
  3. If the survivors are able to work, VAC will assist them in finding employment, and enable them to support themselves to improve their life.
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  • Update:2023-03-01
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