• Date:2016-06-28
  • Department:Department of Homecare and Nursing Care

In accordance with the ROC Veterans Assistance Act, VAC is to set up institutes to provide home-care for veterans.
Under the doctrine, VAC has set up 16 veterans homes to provide home-care services in following categories.

  1. Fully government-paid home-care placement:
     Veterans who are injured or disabled in battle or in service connected conditions or are over 61 years of age may apply for fully government-paid home-care placement if they meet the standards set by the VAC Regulations on Home-care Arrangement of Veterans. They will be provided with home-care allowances, and may choose to live in veterans' homes paid for by the government.

    Starting from November 1987, veterans are allowed to visit their family in Mainland China. Under the "Regulations of Home-care Veterans Residing in Mainland China", qualified home-care veterans can enjoy their entitlement while being settled down in Mainland China.
  2. Home-care at one's own expenses (Partial supply system)
    Those who are over 61 years of age, and older, and are not home-cared at government's expenses, but are financially capable to support their own home-care services, are entitled to this category. If the applicants are married, their spouses, older than 50 years old, are qualified to apply with the veterans. One condition is preset: they need to be clear from legal contagious diseases, and should be able to handle their daily activities.
  3. Those disabled / dementia veterans, unless unconscious, shall be entitled to home-care in exclusive VAC home-care wards.
  4. Home care resource sharing
    Since 2007, VAC has launched a new project to share its home-care facilities with civilians in the vicinity. VAC veterans homes and domiciliary centers are instructed to offer day-care centers and the rehabilitation facilities inside the home-care institutes to the nearby civilians, so as to build up better neighborhood relationship, and better use the government resources.

    VAC has also launched the "Remote Care Service" project for those remote veterans and dependents who most need VAC's care.

    An emergency-call system is set up among the Veterans Homes, Veterans Service Departments, and the Veterans Hospitals. With the infrared and bed-censor devices in the system, the Service Department can detect the whereabouts of these veterans, and thus offer timely assistance at the least delay.

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